About Us

John Graham

After a 10 year career in sales I decided to pursue my passion for technology. I started with Miles Technologies as a member of the Software Support team. During my time doing customer support for our applications I wanted to dive deeper into my understanding of the technologies that build the applications I was supporting. I spent several months consuming all forms of Development training applications and online courses to teach myself how to program. Shortly after I transitioned into a developer role and continued my learning path. I worked for several years progressing to Senior and eventually a developer lead. I was more and more interested in automation and efficiency which drove me towards our Engineering team. Looking for a new challenge I transitioned to this team that is focused solely on automation and efficiency improvements. After a year of experience within the team I assumed the director role. I was first introduced to AngularJs in 2015 and have loved the framework ever since. Shortly after transitioning to Angular I knew that I had found the right fit for me. Chris and I love talking about Angular and can't wait to share more episodes with everyone.

Chris Camac

Chris is a senior software developer at Miles Technologies working with the NGIN team creating templates and tooling for use by Miles dev teams. He has a passion for working with Angular and creating robust tooling for his fellow devs. He also serves as the Angular go-to-guy for his division. Prior to working on templates, tooling, and components in Angular, Chris spent several years developing a fully featured web based ERP system which used a blend of .NET and KnockoutJS. In that system, he was one of the main developers for the accounting and inventory systems, including integrations to financial institutions.